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The lionheart legends of British metal is here with their debut to the online gaming scene. The Saxon game is a true feast for the eyes and if you’re also a Saxon fan you will recognize many of the band elements and of course Biff Byford himself. The game plays out on a 5×3 reel grid with 10 fixed paylines paying left to right.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

Saxon is a very straight forward game with heavy hitting multipliers to take you away to the big juicy wins. In the base game for every reel with stacked symbol the multiplier increases and on the spin that takes you into the bonus round the multiplier carries over! In the bonus round the multiplier does not reset between the spins so it’s in here you get the very biggest wins. In addition to the in game features there is also a jukebox where you can listen to some of the legendary Saxon tunes.

Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister is cascading grid slot 6 reels with 6 rows. With at least 5 symbols connecting into a pay line you score a win and trigger more symbols to cascade down and help you score further winnings. This is a game with high focus on entertainment where you can expect to hit features every 10th spin! The goal of the game is to reach the bonus round and kick out the iconic DAD figure we recognise from the Twisted sister 80’s music videos.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

Twisted Sister is fully packed with features that are easy to understand. On any non winning spin there is a chance that 2 ANGRY DADS are added to the grid. All winnings with band member symbols charges the GUITAR CHARGE METER, maximum of 15 charges. With at least 5 charges a random band feature is triggered. The ultimate goal of Twisted Sister is to get 4 ANGRY DAD scatters to enter the free spin mode WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT, with more than 4 scatters you increase the win multiplier of the bonus game.


We’re faced with a 3×5 reel base and 10 paylines, max win is 5000x your bet! In the background you will hear the heavy tunes from Annihilator that brings all the animations to life. Jeff Waters, the frontman of the band, will be performing solos to your wins! Get in there and start spinning!

Pay Table

Bonus Features

In the base we have a couple of things we’re looking for in particular. The base game feature “In command” gives you expanding wilds and re-spins until you win!

There are two different bonus rounds in the game with two different sets of scatter symbols to collect, you need 3x of each to trigger! The “Fun Palace Feature” is a pick bonus round where you reveal multipliers to your win. In here you can also trigger the other bonus round “Set The World on Fire”


Testament is super high volatility slot where you can win up to 20000x your bet! Played with payways instead of paylines meaning that symbols only have to be adjacent rather than in a particular order to score a win!

Pay Table

Looking at the paytable you might think it’s not too impressive on first glace. Keep in mind that this is a payways game with 243 ways to win in the base game! A full screen of any symbol means 243x whatever value the symbol in question has for a 5-line!

Bonus Feature

In the base game you are looking for 3x Scatters to hit the “Rise up Spins” feature where, if you clear all the blocks by hitting additional scatters you also unlock “Testament Spins” where all the features available in the game are active, moster potential! 

The game is based on three songs, Dark Roots of The Earth, Cold Embrace and Throne of Thorns. Pay attention to which song is playing in the background, when you hit 2x scatters you activate “Song Feature” giving you different ways to win depending on which song is playing.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba lines us up with a 5×5 grid, where the end goal is to clear the grid. We need three matching symbols to connect in order to form a winning line. For each consecutive win we get an increased multiplier that also carries over to the bonus round. There are two different Wild symbols, Martina Wild also gives a 2x to that winning line.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

Black Mamba is fully packed of features in the base game to help us clear the grid. On every non winning spin we have a chance of triggering the solo feature of the currently active band member. If you get at least 4 winning lines with the band members you trigger the concert feature that gives you each of the band members solo feature one after the other.

When we clear the grid and get into the free spin mode the current multiplier carries over into the free spin games, after each free spin the multiplier is reset to that value. Wilds will disappear if they don’t connect with any winning lines, making it easier to clear the grid.

The Singer, Martina, has her solo feature empowered in the free spin mode, triggering on every spin!


We are faced with the now classic 3×5 reel grid and a total of 30 different pay lines. We get two different wilds to help us connect different wins over the many pay lines, both of these wilds are also symbols we need to hit the bonus features of the game. In addition to this Wild Mask also turn all “Dave”- the singer, the highest paying symbol, into Wild Mask symbols if it appears in the middle of the pentagram.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

There is plenty of potential for the one who sticks around to explore the bonus features of Demon. Collect the Wild Amulets on the first and firth reel, the Wild Mask on reel 3 to trigger one helluva night free spins. In the one helluva night free spins you trigger the Portal to Hell if you manage to get the Wilds in line once more!


The game is played on the classic 3×5 reel base. With 10 pay lines and a pay table with heavy focus on the highest paying symbol, Joakim the singer of the band that’s also a Wild and substitutes all symbols except scatter. A winning line with Joakim gives you 100x your bet so the highest win potential in the base game is 1000x.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

In the base game you have some features to help you score the big wins. Chain reels synchronises 2 or 3 reels at random, making it easier to score winning lines. Last stand makes 1 or 2 reels come with stacked wilds! Both of these features are also available in the bonus game mode!

To reach the bonus game in Sabaton you need to get 9x of the Scatters. It’s in the bonus game mode that you can reach the win cap of the game which is 5000x. To help you out you have all the features from the base game but also stacked mega symbols on the middle 3 reels. If you manage to land 9x more scatters you will re trigger the bonus game! It can be re triggered infinitely until win cap is reached. 

House of Doom

The game is based on the song “House of Doom” written by Swedish Doom Metal masters, Candlemass

We’re faced with the familiar 3×5 reel setup with 10 fixed  pay lines. The highest paying symbol is the “Seer” that rewards you with 100x from a 5-line. The “Seer” is also Wild and substitutes for all other symbols except the scatter symbol.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

In House of Doom it is all about entering one of the two bonus rounds available in the game. Bonus rounds aside, there is only one feature in the base game. On any spin one reel has a chance of being highlighted. Any wilds landing on the highlighted reel will expand, increasing your chance of connecting winning pay lines. 

Skull of the Abyss is one of the two bonus features. This is triggered by landing three Skull of the Abyss scatter symbols. This is a pick feature, you will keep picking skulls until you receive one of the end symbols granting you a big bonus or entry to the Doom Spins bonus round.

To enter Doom spins land three scatters in the base game or collect the House of Doom symbol in the Skull of Doom bonus pick feature. While spinning your Doom Spins the House of Doom scatter symbol will always be wild. Collect more House of Doom symbols for free spin retriggers!

Spinal Tap

We’re faced with a colourful stage setting that screams for glamour. 5 reel setup with a payways system to help score your wins by . Payways is a different system than paylines, it means that regardless of symbols position on the reels, as long as they are adjacent and you have enough symbols it will form a winning line making it easier to understand when you’re close to hitting it home.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

In terms of features Spinal Tap leaves nothing out with a total of 10 different features to explore and the option to buy the VIP pass – a fast track ticket to the bonus turntable spinner feature where you have a shot at glory, activating bonus features at a cost of 50x your bet – a feature in itself.

The ultimate goal of Spinal Tap is to get as many bonus symbols as possible up to a maximum of 7. The more bonus symbols you get the more of the lesser bonus features will be eliminated from the bonus turntable spinner. When you hit the maximum of 7 bonus symbols you will immediately hit the “World Tour” bonus feature which is the most rewarding one.


This is Motörhead slot and it’s here to play rock’n roll! Before you do anything else in the game make sure you have “Rock Mode” enabled, this way you will hear the songs in the game: Ace of spades, Killed by death, Iron Fist and Overkill. 

We’re faced with 5 reels and 76 paylines. In the base game we’re looking for the Wild “Ace of Spades” symbol that replaces all other symbols except the scatter and of course the highest paying symbol of them all – Lemmy himself.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

We have two base game features to help us out. The “Bomber” feature has a chance of triggering on any spin and as the name suggests, it gives you bombs! The bombs explodes on the reels and gives you clusters of mystery symbols, giving you a chance of scoring more winning lines.

“Mystery Reel” is active whenever the bomber feature is not active, in the base game and the free spins as well. At least one reel will have stacked mystery symbols that can turn into any symbol except scatter.

The ultimate goal of the game is to enter the free spins round by landing three scatters on reel 3, 4 or 5. In the free spins the mystery reels also includes wilds!

Guns n Roses

The bad boys of Rock’n Roll takes the stage on this 5×3 slot machine with 20 paylines. The good wins are to be found in getting the five liners with the front figures Slash and Axl Rose

The base game has a ton of features to keep you entertained. There’s wilds, expanding wilds, appetite for destruction wilds – shape of a cross, legend spins – stacked wilds and also the “Solo Multiplier” that can randomly trigger on any winning line giving you a chance to get real sweet multipliers on your wins.

The ultimate goal of the game is to trigger the bonus wheel by collecting three scatters anywhere on the reels. The bonus wheel will reward you with a fat coin win or one of two bonus rounds: “The Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Round” and “Encore Spins”

Jimi Hendrix

Rock with Jimi Hendrix on the 5×3 reels with 20 paylines! Jimi Wilds substitutes for all symbols except scatter.

There are two features in the base game to help you score big wins! 

“Purple Haze” is triggered when Purple Haze Jimi lands on reel 1. 10, J, Q, K and A symbols turns into wilds together with the Purple Haze Jimi.

“Red Guitar Re-Spin” is triggered when you manage to land 4 or more Red Guitar symbols on a single spin, re spins are awarded as long as you keep landing them red guitars!

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

The ultimate goal of the game is to enter the bonus round “Pick and Click”. To do this you have to land 3 scatters on reels 3, 4 and 5. In this feature you get to click amplifiers and unravel what’s inside them. A total of 4 different prizes are available but only one can be won per bonus round. Stop by again to have tried them all!

Ozzy Ozbourne

We’re facing Ozzy on the throne of darkness overlooking the 5×3 reel setup with 20 paylines. The ultimate goal of the game is to enter the Free Spin mode by getting three scatter symbols that only appear on reels 1,3 and 5 in the main game. If you get two out of three scatters you trigger another feature in the base game “Re-spin”.

Pay Table

Bonus Feature

There are two different features in this game, one base game feature and one free spin feature

When you trigger the “Re-spin” feature you first roll the symbol spinner to lock in your symbol for the re-spin and then you roll the feature spinner to get on of the following features associated to the locked symbol: Coin Win, Symbol Multiplier, Wild or Upgrade. If you manage to land a scatter symbol as your Re-spin symbol you will get the bat head as feature symbol and thus getting into the free spin bonus feature of the game.

The “Free spins” feature gives you 5 spins instead of the standard 4 if you manage to trigger it with a bonus bet active. In this feature you will get the symbol spinner and feature spinner on every spin, helping you land some truly rockin’ combinations towards the maximum payout 3000x. If you manage to land a scatter symbol during the symbol spin in the free spins you get one more free spin.

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